SAY NO TO PARTIAL UPRATING (the wait till they die policy.


We are aware that the ALL PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP ON BRITISH FROZEN PENSION is meeting on November 1st.2017 and we also know the full board of the ICBP will meet them.

We all soundly applaud those APPG MPs for supporting frozen pensioners and are campaigning for that discriminatory policy to be totally revoked.


How can they say that in the same breath as saying, “we will continue discriminating against 540,000, out of the 1.2 million, UK State Pensioners living overseas whilst continuing to give those three conditions to the other 640,000 expat pensioners?

  The government have approved the continuation of the annual pension uprating for EU living pensioners.

As for frozen pensioners, (in Mr Webbs words to the committee during the progress of the Pension Bill 2014 through parliament), “it, (the frozen pension policy), has been like that for decades and decades and decades so we wont change it”. Where is the fairness, equality and justice in that?

 We do, as I said, fully  support the APPG in its campaign to abolish this policy and pay all pensioners the full pension they paid for and are entitled to.

 What we, the ordinary frozen pensioners suffering this l ignominy, cannot support is the proposal of Partial Uprating, (PU).

(an annual increase to all pensioners, but on their existing rate of pension. i.e. a frozen pensioner on £30 will only get the %age increase on that £30).

If PU was introduced it is extremely unlikely that full parity would ever follow.

The only way full Parity would come about is when all frozen pensioners are dead.

 Would the government then declare “all pensioners have equality because of our policy of waiting for all frozen pensioners to die?”

 We appeal to every pensioner, supporter or agency to email the ICBP board and CABP/BPiA committees now. Before the meeting.

If you want full  pension parity then let your voice be heard now. Email the ICBP, BPiA, CABP

A “subject” title should be on the lines of” NO TO PARTIAL UPRATING!(wait till they die policy).

Unfortunately the modern technique is to use a preformed “contact” page but do not be deterred by this. If necessary send your message that way!

Main link to CABP

Emails   should also be sent to the MPs via the APPG, 

However a warning note, PHA Media, the PA company paid for by ICBP,  acts as Secretariat to the APPG on Frozen British Pensions. Emails to APPG will possibly go to them and MPs may not actually see your emails.

I would  suggest , (strongly) recommend,  you head your email “ for the personal attention of all MPs making up the APPG.

Take this opportunity to get PU removed from any agenda. although full parity is what we fight for, a suggestion of age related uprating over 3 years, (oldest first), might be more, reluctantly, acceptable than wait to die.

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