“PPiI” was primly a closed email group, (so the name is not so familiar as others). However, we had plenty of nods of approval which we appreciated. We did not have a Facebook account, (although I had one that we could occasionally use), and other groups that usually accepted our comments.  To them, we say thank you.

. We had 2 very good articles, by a regular first class journalist, in the press, based on our group information to him.

            In our 12 years we lost 4 members to the natural departure  from this planet, but we gained more from around the globe and so we can honestly say “ --  --and the world”.

                        PPII HAS JUST ONE RULE

:- campaigning against the gov’ts frozen pension policy (and other erroneous issues). We quickly added “and not supporting uprating going forward.”  As DWP was not aware it seems that 3% of a FP of £40 a week is somewhat less than 3% of a FP of £100 a week, thus increasing the discriminatory difference of the two FPs every year. (Or, was it specifically designed to do that????).

                    We do, however, have,  

3 recommendations (recommended always use).

1) we are campaigning against the Gov’t. Not against   other groups or individuals.

2) campaigning material must be based on proven facts, figures and legislation.

3) Quoting from the press / official sources etc. a hyperlink should be given where possible.

We, as do all groups, have to be seen as being correct in passing on information to campaigners or individuals.

           Thank you.