People in the ex-pat pensioner group are, for the most part, those who fought for England in World War 2 and survived to return to England to help rebuild its industries after the war and to fulfil the promise made after WW1: to re-make a country fit for heroes. They worked and they paid their taxes and their NI contributions, and they saved a little at a time to enable them, in retirement, to move near their relatives. As we now know, their choice of country to which they retired would determine the level of their future pension: annual uprated pension in America but frozen pension over the border in Canada and many other countries. And this despite them having made the same contribution to the NI fund and, very often, moving to a Commonwealth country.

Their memory of Churchill - the greatest wartime leader of our generation - was of a great orator as well as a great motivator and leader, and this has prompted me, with the greatest respect for Winston Churchill, to use one of his speeches as a motivator for our network. It is also a reminder to the British Government that we are the generation that displayed the sheer guts and determination that brought victory to Great Britain - we shall not forget!

We shall go on to the end; we shall fight at every chance

We shall fight on British soil and overseas

We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength, knowing we are right; we shall defend our stand whatever the cost may be

We shall fight on the benches [of the Houses of Parliament]

We shall fight on the hustings grounds

We shall fight in the polls and through the news-sheets

We shall fight on the Internet

We shall never surrender, and even though our people are subjugated and starving, we shall carry on the struggle until, in God’s good time, the British integrity, and justice, and fairness of which we were so proud in our youth, with all its power and might, steps forth again to rescue and liberate the elderly, and parity of pensions is won.

Lest the British Government forgets!.

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